Shifted Energy’s Grid Maestro is a software-as-a-service platform that monitors, analyzes and optimizes smart water heaters.


When a new water heater is added to our fleet, either by installing a Shifted Energy Ara or other smart controller, Grid Maestro begins monitoring that heater’s energy consumption patterns. After about two weeks, the system’s advanced machine learning algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts of future consumption at 15-minute intervals for four days in advance. Grid Maestro uses these forecasts to estimate how much electricity consumption can be shifted from one time of day to another without impacting consumer access to hot water.

Granular Data Analysis

5-minute, revenue-grade telemetry available for every heater.

Water Heater Agnostic

Learns, optimizes, and controls any type of smart water heater.

Easy Integration

Customizable API allows easy and rapid DERMS integration.

Virtual Power Plant Portal

Grid Maestro aggregates each heater’s forecasts and load shift potential into a virtual power plant of grid interactive water heaters. Automated reporting and integrated ticketing simplify performance measurement and verification, and all communications are done securely over a Web portal and/or API with world class cyber security protocols.

Four-day Forecasts: Visualize and download up to four days of forecasted baseline consumption data, as well as historical baseline, load shift, and consumption data charts and tables.
Schedule Load Shifts: Schedule one-time or recurring load build and load reduction event, defining time, energy, and customer comfort thresholds, and get real0time data on available load shift capacity.
Configure Frequency Setpoints: Instantly change frequency trigger and return set points on any grid from 110-250 volts and 50-60 hertz, as well as randomized return-to-load time constraints.

Energy & Grid Services

Heaters are grouped per programmatic goals, such as geo-targeting by distribution circuit, and each group can be monitored, optimized, and dispatched to perform a variety of grid services.

Consumer-friendly Load Shifts

Multi-hour load shifts by storing energy during periods of high renewable generation and reducing consumption during peak demand.

Frequency Regulation

Locally-based detection and actuation enables 12-cycle or less response time to frequency deviations, as well as randomized return-to-load.

Emergency Demand Response

Full fleet shut down to quickly shed maximum kW. Randomized return-to-load ensures smooth recovery after contingency event ends.

Consumer Services

Grid Maestro can also be leveraged to provide numerous services to the host customer, ensuring the value both the resident and the utility is maximized throughout the year for the water heater’s entire lifespan. Additionally, utilities and energy aggregators can feed the data into existing consumer-facing energy management platforms, seamlessly enhancing customer relationships and increasing opportunities for engagement.

Solar Self-Consumption

Water heater acts as thermal energy storage, heating when onsite PV generation exceeds demand, ensuring the value of customer PV is maximized and reducing grid export.

Time-of-Use Bill Management

For customers on retail TOU or demand tariffs, load is automatically shifted to off-peak times, while still providing comfort heating to meet customer needs.

Leak & Maintenance Alerts

The system automatically detects and flags most abnormal electrical patterns related to leaks or maintenance issues, alerting customers that service may be required.

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