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Multi-family Grid-Interactive Buildings

Under Hawaiian Electric’s Grid Service Participant Agreement, Shifted Energy is retrofitting 3,000 water heaters with smart controls at no cost to building owners and residents. Our technology prioritizes resident comfort, so they won’t notice the difference. Enrolled participants will receive between $30 to $50 credit per year off their electric bill for the five years of the program. Property managers then receive free maintenance alerts, access to our online data and ticketing portal, and an easy way to actively participate in the clean energy transition!

Property Manager Benefits

Maintenance Alerts

Remotely identify most issues, such as burnt out elements and leaks, and automatically alert maintenance team.

Data Collection &

Collect and analyze water, energy, and individual heater data to improve your building’s operations.

Unoccupied Unit

Remotely shutoff water heaters between tenants or during extended vacations to reduce electric bills.

Benefits to Your Residents

Lower Electric Bills

Residents earn bill credits from participating in utility programs or from shifting consumption from peak to off-peak electricity times.

Clean Energy Participation

Now residents can support local clean energy goals and participate in the renewable energy transition!

Hot Water Budgets

We offer residents a way to track and control how much they spend each month on hot water.

Click here to learn more about the technology and the Hawaiian Electric program.

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