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Shifted Energy Offers A Free Smart Controller for Your Water Heater and Pool Pump

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Join 35,000 other island families who are using their water heaters to support renewable energy.

“Installation was fast and professional. Thank you for everything you’re doing for our community” – Dan S. of Kaimuki

Join the clean energy revolution

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What’s the problem?

Hawaii generates most of its energy from solar panels in the middle of the day, yet most energy consumption happens in the evening. This mismatch of supply and demand is a problem for utilities all over the world and where you can play a role in helping. 

What’s the solution?

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Shifted Energy’s innovative technology allows appliances, like water heaters and pool pumps, to turn on during the day to use clean solar energy. The water will stay hot in the tank until you need it. By not turning back on in the evening, your appliance will help reduce demand during peak hours. The controller will also learn how you use hot water to make sure you have enough to meet your normal needs.

Without even trying or noticing, you’ll be helping Hawaii lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and get paid for it!

What are the benefits to me?

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With Shifted Energy’s free device and quick installation, you’ll help Hawaii get closer to its goal of 100% renewable energy generation by 2045 and finally kick our dependence on fossil fuels!
Plus, utilities all over the world need this solution, so you’ll be supporting a Hawaii-based firm go global.

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Shifted Energy’s innovative program uses appliances already in your home to avoid turning on or building brand new energy generation facilities, saving millions of dollars.
And, as a mahalo for participating, Hawaiian Electric provides participants a modest bill credit every month.

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Feel good by joining over 35,000 families across Oahu who are also helping the utility balance the grid, lower everyone’s electricity costs, and decrease our reliance on imported oil.

Who is providing this opportunity?

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Shifted Energy is a Hawaii-based company that designs and deploys automated systems that manage residential and commercial appliances to support the electrical grid. We were formed in 2016 out of Hawaii’s largest sustainability nonprofit, Kanu Hawaii with a mission to help more families directly participate in the clean energy revolution.

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This new program is part of the Grid Services project, which is a broad partnership between Hawaiian Electric (HECO), Open Access Technology International (OATI), Shifted Energy, and others on the Hawaiian Islands.

Click here to request a Free Smart Controller
Click here if you have a controller and need to sign the Agreement Form

Frequently Asked Questions


Much of Hawaii’s renewable energy supply comes from the sun, which is mostly produced in the middle of the day, yet most of our energy consumption, or demand, is in the evening when lights and stoves turn on and devices are charging. This mismatch of supply and demand is a typical problem with intermittent sources of renewable energy. Luckily, innovative technologies like Shifted Energy’s device can control household appliances, like water heaters or pool pumps, to turn them on when renewable energy is available and turn them off during peak energy periods to reduce demand on the grid. Once the water is heated, the tank will keep it hot until it’s ready to be used. Residents won’t even know that this is happening, yet it greatly benefits Hawaii’s energy independence.
You can learn more about Demand Response programs at Hawaiian Electric’s FAQ page.

The Shifted Energy smart controller is a state-of-the-art smart timer that’s attached to the wall near your standard water heater or non variable speed pool pump. A short 20-minute installation equips these appliances with intelligent controls, allowing them to communicate and interact with the grid making it a grid-interactive appliance. For example, once connected to a water heater, the smart controller adapts to your household’s hot water usage, so it can ensure your comfort by pre-heating water before a shutdown event. The Shifted Energy controller allows for some heating during a scheduled shutdown in case you deplete your tank.
The smart controller allows Hawaiian Electric to use renewable energy from the sun and wind to power your water heater or pool pump. For water heaters, the water remains hot in the tank and can be used later without using more electricity during peak demand hours. This helps integrate more renewable energy and reduce Hawaii’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

No, only a licensed technician should be operating the controller. The electricity powering water heaters and pool pumps is very dangerous. Please call us at 808.664.0053 or email us at if you would like to disconnect the device.

No, our system uses an ultra low power cellular connection from AT&T or T-Mobile.


It will provide a slight reduction in the form of a monthly bill credit for the lifetime of the program as a mahalo! We don’t expect the electricity usage to change, as our program does not affect the amount of hot water used, only the time of day it is heated. The credit will appear on your bill as “Demand Response Credit”.

* It’s completely free
* Receive a $3 monthly bill credit
* Be part of Hawaii’s clean energy revolution
* Support a local, innovative business
* Avoid turning on or building new energy generation facilities

No, as long as your hot water usage follows normal patterns, you won’t notice a change in your hot water supply. As with any water heater, if you have a large amount of hot water drawn over a short period of time and deplete the tank of hot water you may experience tepid water as your water heater refills. If after waiting at least 15 minutes, there is no change in temperature, you can call us at 808.664.0053 or email us at We can troubleshoot remotely and offer suggestions. Resident comfort is a priority for us.

First, check to see if you already have one installed near your water heater. If you do, then all you need to do is sign the agreement at to begin getting the benefits.  For those who do not have a controller yet, you can let us know that you’re interested by filling out the form here: Please note, we currently cannot provide devices to everyone who wants one. For installations to be cost-effective, we schedule 6 in one day. We typically offer free smart controllers to entire buildings or developments. We encourage people to sign up anyway in case some of your neighbors have also signed up or even recruit some neighbors yourself! Please fill this out to let us know you want one:

When we control your water heater along with hundreds or thousands of your neighbors’ heaters, we are essentially creating a “virtual” power plant that supports Hawaiian Electric’s grid. This virtual grid provides Hawaiian Electric a valuable service, so instead of paying big power plants for energy, they’re paying you!

Hawaiian Electric needs to use these water heaters roughly between 50 and 100 times per year.

Data collected will be used for the sole purpose of carrying out the Program. All data will be held with strict security and privacy guidelines. Data collected by the Shifted Energy controller will be made available and analyzed by Shifted Energy, OATI, and HECO (for HECO’s Privacy Policy please visit: Your individual data is never used for any other purpose. Your address and personal information is not stored with your usage information ensuring that your water heater usage data always remains anonymous.

Yes, you can call us at 808.664.0053 or email us at at any time to opt out of our program.


Shifted Energy is a Hawaii-based company that designs and deploys automated, fast demand response systems. Our technology enables utilities to stabilize the grid, accelerate renewable energy integration, and engage customers in innovative demand side management programs. Shifted Energy was formed in 2016 out of Hawaii’s largest sustainability nonprofit, Kanu Hawaii, to find more ways for more families to directly participate in the clean energy revolution. Shifted Energy creates jobs in our community while bringing their GIWH technology to other countries, serving as yet another example to the world of Hawaii innovation and sustainability leadership.

Hawaiian Electric Company or (HECO) pays Shifted Energy to recruit participants to join the Clean Energy Water Heater Program. Enough participants creates a fleet of water heaters that behaves as a virtual power plant that can stabilize the grid and prevent HECO from having to turn on fossil fuel burning power plants. Using assets, like your water heater, that are already on the grid is an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to use more renewable energy. Here’s a link to the HECO site:

GSPA is short for Grid Services Purchasing Agreement. Hawaiian Electric is shifting to a new model for its Demand Response Program to use Aggregators for the delivery of grid services on Oahu and Maui County. Shifted Energy is a Hawaii-based company that is part of the aggregation team providing grid services.

OATI, Open Access Technology International, is a Demand Response Aggregator based out of Minneapolis Minnesota, They are the Prime Contractor for the GSPA program.


No, the life of your water heater is not impacted in any way with program participation. Similar timer devices are installed on millions of water heaters worldwide and 35,000 on Oahu. Our controllers do not directly connect to or modify your water heater or plumbing at all.

No, any repair or replacement does not need to be coordinated with us as we do not directly connect to or modify your water heater.

While it won’t affect our service, for your own safety, we recommend that you do not do this. We do not recommend anyone without proper qualifications open an electrical panel as a shock from your panel could be deadly. If you have more questions, please contact us at 808.664.0053 or

Most likely no, it does not save energy or money, and it unfortunately makes you ineligible to participate in this program because it prevents us from being able to use your water heater the way we need to. We do not recommend anyone without proper qualifications open an electrical panel as a shock from your panel could be deadly. Additionally, circuit breakers are not designed to be flipped regularly and doing so will reduce the lifespan of your breaker. If you choose to flip your water heater’s breaker regularly, please call us at 808.664.0053 to disenroll from the program.