Water Heater Retrofits

We build controllers & develop software to retrofit electric resistance water heaters into massively scalable, cost-effective, real-time demand response assets.

Our patent pending technology ensures participant hot water access and grid service capacity without mounting any hardware or sensors onto water heaters. This solution enables valuable grid services including fast frequency/voltage response, capacity load shifting, and emergency DR without impacting hot water availability to participants. More importantly, it avoids creating any maintenance liability for the operators since all control systems do not touch the underlying water heater.

DR Services

Stack Multiple Demand Response Services

Capacity from a fleet of grid-interactive water heaters can be stacked to provide significant DR value by delivering various services simultaneously.

Fast Frequency Response

Shut down the fleet within 12 cycles when frequency set points are breached. Controlled ramp back up after frequency normalizes.

Load Shifting

Designate periods to increase and decrease load to accommodate intermittent renewables and reduce demand during supply constraints.

Regulating Reserve

Follow control signals to regulate the power up and down without impacting participant's access to hot water or increasing their energy bills.

Emergency DR

The entire fleet is available on demand to instantly remove load or to schedule a complete load reduction in the future.